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Established since September 24, 1998, general trading of chemical material for industrial and export-import. In order to fulfill the chemical materials for industrial requirement, the company imports the material especially from Germany and China.

In 1994, PT LABAN RAYA SAMODRA expanded its business by establishing a coperation with PT YAKAGANDA (Yayasan Karyawan Gas Negara) to supply the requirement of chemical materials, gas and its requirements.

The expansion of PT LABAN RAYA SAMODRA is even further that set up the company as the distributor of Pertamina products such as Paraffin Wax, Paraffinic Oi, Minarex (RPO) and Solvent with East Java and surrounding as its distribution area.

PT. LABAN RAYA SAMODRA have affillating company moved in candle Manufacturing. For more information please browse : www.cakrawala-candles.com


PT. Laban Raya Samodra specialized in general chemical trading was estabilished in 1988. Our main product ranges from Pertamina Petrochemical, Agrochemical product to general chemical product. Our accomplishment in the industry is highly recognized, in this case we were acknowledged by Pertamina as the pioneer of Pertamina Slack wax distributor.

We started to import tht general chemicals products in the early 1990s. Our general chemicals product cover from domestic to imported product, subject to their values and avaibility.Today our general chemical product is mainly used in petrochemical industry.

For special chemicals, we cater Natural Gas Odorant and many others particulary used for match industry. Our natural gas odorant is aproduct of ARKEMA (previously known as ATOFINA ELF) who is our principal. We market this natural gas odorant to all Indonesia markets.

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